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Training Courses by Emma Kearney Trainer and Educator

specialising in Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts, all of the latest Eyebrow Treatments as well as Nail Extensions and Enhancements.
We have adapted our Courses to meet the needs of varying lifestyles.

o Online Learning:
This option allows you to study in your own a time and at your own pace. You have 24/7 access to your own personal account.
Detailed theory content has been created and broken down into manageable sections for you to work through step by step. You are guided with the assistance of visual aids and video demonstrations. You have access to support as and when you need.

o Live Learning:
Using a blended combination of the Online Learning platform as well as a live and interactive training session with and Instructor, you are guided through your course with a strong support network and a colourful array of tools to ensure you qualify to achieve the Industry Standard professionalism and performance.

o Training Academy:
This option means you get to come in to us and work together in a hands on manner. Our experienced Instructors will take you through the process and you have our complete attention and assistance. Academy Training varies from a half day through to 3 full days intensive Training depending on your chosen field.

All courses require case study submissions for assessment and knowledge assessments require pass grades in order to achieve Certification

We are happy to discuss learning options with you and help you decided which pathways best suits your learning style.

We are fully accredited by ABT to allow you to gain insurance to work from home or mobile upon completion!

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