Classic Individual Eyelash Extension Course

Classic Individual Eyelash Extension Course

Entry Requirement’s: None.

This is beginner training into the world Eyelash Extensions

Course includes:

  • 2 Days Training with Expert Trainer Kit
  • Introduction to Premades
  • 20% Discount Code to use with The Lash Oasis
  • 15% Discount Code to use with Lashbase
  • 10% Discount with ABT Insurance
  • Lunch & Light refreshments are included

Our Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions Course is designed to teach you the popular technique, used by many, to enhance the eyes with synthetic extensions to give the appearance of longer, thicker natural lashes. Not only will you learn how to effectively apply and remove lash extensions, you will also learn how to accurately adapt the application process to the client’s particular eye-shape, for the desired effect. During the course you will carry out treatments upon a professional training mannequin head allowing you the maximum time possible to acquire the skills and work upon your technique. Kit included.

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